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| Last Updated:: 12 Sep 2016

Vision & Mission


  • To provide opportunities to the students and teachers to promote intellectual climate conducive to the pursuit of knowledge, scholarship and excellence.
  • To develop an integrated personality of the students in body, mind and spirit.
  • To evoke a sense of positive self-concept and self-esteem in the students.
  • To make students culturally adaptable, socially adjustable, emotionally stable and mature and globally sensitive.
  • To enable young women to be self-reliant and to empower them with information, knowledge and skills to face the challenges of the world with confidence.
  • To create opportunities for knowledge exchange and to initiate new projects and programmes.
  • To facilitate moral and spiritual development of the students and to strengthen their value ┬ásystem.
  • To relate knowledge with real life situations in which value judgment becomes important in taking decisions.